I was in cabin C when the steward brought me your line.

—My Heart's in Pieces (T Burns)

Parties, House Concerts, Weddings & Other Events

If you are thinking about hiring me, this might help:

  • I play songs and musical styles from every decade of the last century.
  • I do lots of familiar Blues numbers, vocal jazz standards, old-time/traditional ballads, and a few recent pop covers.
  • I sometimes play with bassist and drummer friends when the gig calls for a trio, but it’s usually just me and my guitar.
  • I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and play throughout the southern half of the state, though I could probably be persuaded to travel farther from home.

Sound good? Let’s talk! Fill out the form below or email me.

Contact Me

Write to me, will ya? I always write back. However, if filling out the form is too much work you can always find me on Facebook. I’m right here: Like the page, I need friends!