We'll jump in his car and we'll just drive. With the windows down, we'll turn on the radio. And take off for the sky.

—When My Dad Comes Home (T Burns)

Below is a selection of covers and originals that I’ve recorded over the years. Scroll down a bit further and you’ll find some videos too.  Mostly they are just for watching and listening.  I wish I could do the same, but I tend to focus on the little things like “Is that a piece of spinach in my teeth?” or “Look at that! My hat is crooked!” or “I wonder who is going to be in the playoffs this season…” And, if there’s one thing I’ve tried to impress upon others throughout my life, it’s this:  Don’t be like me!  So, to that end, just shut up and listen!


There are loads of wonderful songs out there. I’ve learned some of them, some of which you can listen to here. If you’d like a CD of your very own with some of these songs on it, pick up a CD in the shop on your way out.


    Here are some originals.  You can find many of them on CDs for sale in the shop.


      If you like any of these songs, be sure to remind me that I know them next time you see me.  I’ll definitely play your requests… heck, I like these songs! You’ll find my schedule here:  Shows.